Monday, May 25, 2009 and Technorati

Okay, I am now officially a week(or two?)behind in my 27 Library Things and as I am not partying this Memorial Day afternoon I decided to explore and technorati. I can see the use of both but was not inspired sufficiently to set up an account in either. As a trainer, I was much more interested in how one actually puts together a podcast (the Otter resource). On the other hand,I was put off by the us.ef.ul post by John (Nov. 2004). He appeared to be giving clear, specific directions as to how to use but wasn't really all that straight forward. I suspect that his instructions are a bit out of date anyway.

As I really only have three computers on which I keep bookmarks (home, work and the traveling lab trainer's laptop), I'm not really sure how useful it would be for me personally to keep them organized with delicious. My spouse is the king of the bookmarks at home and I usually find it easier just to type in the URL rather than go scrolling through 200+ sites that he found interesting...At work, my bookmarks are limited and fairly well organized.

Technorati does sound much more interesting to use-although, as someone pointed out, knowing where all the blogs on celebrity babies are located is not all that useful. I'll need to play with it more.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

I get by with a little help from my friends...

Thanks to RS, I now know where to paste the html code so you can see that I did successfully get my Rollyo and my Library Thing widgets onto my blog.

I do think the Shelfari has a nicer looking display, however, so I may add to that rather than keep the LibraryThing "shelf."

Monday, May 11, 2009

Finished Playing

It is the morning of Week Six and I have just finished my Week Five playing with mixed success. As noted in the previous post I enjoyed Library Thing immensely and found that Rollyo was very useful. You can look at my list on Rollyo titled Training 4 Libraries and it did a good search of the sites I had chosen to find lots of customer service classes.

The mixed successes (or more specifically failures) came when I tried to do a magazine cover and when both Rollyo and Library Thing said I could cut and paste the code to my webpage to provide a link. I did copy both sets of code but couldn't figure where to paste it into my blog.

I know it is possible because I have seen it on other blogs (Bird lover-could you help me?)

Friday, May 8, 2009

Library Thing

I am thoroughly enjoying hanging out on the LibraryThing website. It's not that I have an extensive library of books to "catalog." My "home" library is a constantly rotating collection of regular library books; used paperbacks purchased from Friends' sale tables and my husband's favorite used book stores; and miscellaneous mysteries from my mother-in-law and my sister.

It is actually the groups that I am finding so interesting. I immediately checked out the Mystery group (after dutifully adding my 5 books). What fun to find others who love Amelia Peabody but aren't so fond of Vicky Bliss (both characters created by Elizabeth Peters)! And to discover that I hadn't finished all of the China Bayles series last year but that there were two new ones published last year.

I have been scanning the Mystery,Thriller group on the topic of Favorite Detectives. I will add my own list to that shortly.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

On to Week Five

It took a handy hint from Chris to help me find my RSS feeds last week. After editing a few of them out again, I now have just five ranging from the BBC news to the recipe of the day (barbecued tofu, anyone?).

I browsed a few library blogs but find that I really miss the one done by Walter Minkle (who was here for training day in 2007). His focus was on Youth Services issues but I really liked his insight on reading and libraries in general. Speaking of insight, I'm following several of you here on 27 Things and am constantly impressed with thoughtful comments.