Monday, February 22, 2010

The demise of Training Magazine

It has been about seven months since I last blogged here or even read any blogs. Too much work at the office and too little energy at home.

However, I participated in an energizing online training today done by Kassie La Borie and Jane Bozarth and followed up with a visit to Jane's blog. In her most recent post she lamented the end of Training magazine. I could relate to her comments because I too, read Training cover to cover as I was transitioning from elementary school teacher to library staff trainer.

I no longer have to look up buzzwords like ROI but they keep inventing new ones like"webinar" BTW-Kassie and Jane both hate that term! I don't mind as I think it is easier than "Interactive synchronous online training."

I still am primarily a live classroom trainer but wish we had the budget for the tools like Articulate and WebEx. By the time I figure it all out I will be ready to retire.