Monday, July 20, 2009

Final blog for 27 things.


I can't believe I'm nearly finished with the 27 things. Some of them really stand out as exciting wonderful things and I can see how they would be useful to the library world and to individuals. Others I can do personally do without.

Some I never did really succeed at (magazine cover) and couldn't care less. Others, I may try to go back to and explore further. I apparently will have to go back to Thingfo as they are not currently accepting new registrants as they work on a new version.

I will keep the blog in case I have profound thoughts I need to share with you all. I will probably continue to study Italian via Mango for my next Mediterranean cruise ;-D although it did seem incredibly repetitious. "Salve, come sta" some 200 times. Twitter has been interesting for the past week but I can't see it in the long run although I have discovered fellow library trainers across the country.

YouTube is amusing and I can see the library possibilities for short online training segments. I wasn't planning on doing Facebook as it didn't seem to be one of the 27 Things but when I saw on Twitter that Sacramento Public Library now had a Facebook page, I tried to visit it. Seems that you need to be registered on Facebook to do that so I now have a Facebook page as well… and actually have a couple of friends. (Even my 24 year old son was willing to be my friend if I didn't embarrass him too much. The tweets from my friends that I had already read in Twitter seem to have appeared on my "wall" so I'm not sure how that interconnection works. That's one of the things I want to explore further.

Overall it has been a good experience and I'm glad we did this.

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